We Are

Recognised Specialists in matching skilled
technicians with the needs of oil and gas companies

we Provide

Committed support to both our clients and   our contractors, whenever and wherever it is required.

We Ensure

That we always choose the right contractors for the right jobs, thanks to our industry experience and exacting selection processes.

whether you are searching for oil & gas contractors, or you are looking for contract work yourself, Fardux personnel have the skills and experience to suit your every need.

Fardux Personnel's committed and experienced support team will ensure you get skilled technical personnel, when and where required.
We always have a wide range of oil & gas contract jobs available. Thanks to our excellent reputation, our contract personnel are always in demand.
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New jobs are available day by day, and hour by hour, so register with us to ensure you are first to hear of the latest assignments and are ready to travel.

Why Choose us?

Well Selected
We give our clients full details of our contractor’s experience and training certificates within a skill group. These skill groups are then matched with a highly competitive price range.
Well Managed
Annual internal and external audits are undertaken to ensure we maintain our standards, and Wellwise Group are committed to continual improvement.
Well Delivered
Our advanced search-and-select database tools, combined with the experience of our Service Line Managers, enable us to provide a fast and efficient response.
Well Proven
Since 1988, Wellwise Group companies have employed the central philosophy of providing the very best possible services and products to our clients.

Current Requirements

Well Test Operators

We currently require experienced Well Test Operators, who can be ready to work in the final quarter of 2014.

To register with Fardux Personnel, please send an updated CV as well as all appopriate certification to jobs@farduxpersonnel.ae

Data Acquisition Engineers

We currently require experienced Data Acquisition Engineers, who can be ready to work in the final quarter of 2014.

To register with Fardux Personnel, please send an updated CV as well as all appropriate certification to jobs@farduxpersonnel.ae


Communication with operational management has become easy with access to them through the most professional, polite and cheery receptionists one possibly could hope to find on the other end of the phone.”

Ian Kirkland, Contractor.