Fardux Personnel


If you’re looking for offshore oil and gas contract work, you’ve come to the right place!

Fardux Personnel specialises in the provision of skilled technicians to the international oil and gas Industry.

Our extensive portfolio of experienced personnel are available for both land and offshore assignments this enables us to offer a wide range of highly skilled staff to service companies on a global basis.

Our clients' requirements range from short term ad-hoc jobs to long term rotational projects giving a cost effective solution to their staffing needs. From a simple Nitrogen Gas Lift to a complex Well Testing Package - we have the best people for you!

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Our Promise

We give our clients full details of our contractor’s experience and training certificates within a skill group. These skill groups are then matched with a highly competitive price range.
Annual internal and external audits are undertaken to ensure we maintain our standards, and Wellwise Group are committed to continual improvement.
Our advanced search-and-select database tools, combined with the experience of our Service Line Managers, enable us to provide a fast and efficient response.
Since 1988, Wellwise Group companies have employed the central philosophy of providing the very best possible services and products to our clients.

Part of the Wellwise Group

Fardux Personnel is part of the Wellwise Group, who have been providing specialist service contractors to the global oil and gas industry for 25 Years.

Since 1988 WWG has been the personnel provider of choice for all major Global Oil and Gas services providers, and boasts a proven record of assisting contractors in finding flexible Oilfield work that fits with their availability.

For more information about Wellwise Group and its companies, please visit the group homepage at www.wellwisegroup.com.


Fardux Personnel aims to provide services of the highest quality and in compliance with the Clients specified requirements.

We recognise that genuine commitment to understanding the present and future needs of our clients is essential to the achievement of these objectives, and as such we continually strive to ensure that the needs and reasonable expectations of the clients are realised in the quality of the services we provide.