Fardux Personnel
I am considering becoming a consultant – What should I do?
Submit your RESUME and Personal details on our Contact Us page – a member of our team will call you back. If you have any difficulties just contact us via email or telephone.
Will I need Offshore Survival and Medical Certificates?
This would depend on the Client location and local requirements. Medicals can only be accepted with full Drug Screening confirmation. We see these as 'Tools of the Trade' and must be paid for by the individual. We can however help with bookings and provide advice.
Do you supply P.P.E?
No - Again these are 'Tools of the Trade' and must be paid for by the individual. As a self employed contractor this is your responsibility – however some Clients will provide their own brand coveralls. We can advise a list and specification of PPE required by Fardux Personnel Contractors.
Do you cover Insurances?
Yes - Under the group's Policy Cover, all personnel, whilst on assignment, are covered by both Employer's and Public Liability insurance and Personal Accident, Medical expenses and Repatriation Insurance to cover work-related accidents. However - we suggest that all self employed personnel have comprehensive Personal Accident Insurance cover for Death and long term Disability outside of a work related incident.
Do you book Flights and Hotels etc?
Yes – Fardux Personnel will book all work related return Flights, Hotels, Taxis etc. There may well be the odd occasion where a consultant will have to book a Flight, Hotel or Taxi and claim the cost back on an approved Expense Form when travelling overseas and contact with the office is unavailable for whatever reason.
Do you obtain all Visas for foreign travel?
Excluding Work Permits to work in the UAE if you are a Foreign National, we pay for all country entry visas required for you travel and work in your work destination.
How do you pay me?
Most Consultants are either Non UAE Resident or set up as a UAE based Consultant company. Invoices received complete with signed timesheet and appraisal forms will be processed for payment 30-35 days from receipt providing there are no queries or discrepancies. These may be posted or emailed to our Dubai office. UAE Consultant companies initially must provide proof of registration whithin the United Arab Emirates.